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Our Members | The Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents

The Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents


The Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents was formed over 60 years ago by a group of travel agents intent on joining forces to become one voice to suppliers and authorities, thereby ensuring effective representation and visibility for its members.

Mission and Objectives: 
  • To further and secure the interests of AZTA and its Members
  • To reflect the consensus of its Members and present their views to all sectors of the public, the Government and the business community
  • To act on behalf of its Members in deliberations and negotiations with other sectors of the Travel Industry
  • To continually assess and evaluate the needs of its Members with a view to providing them with meaningful services and benefits
  • To consider and promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics to its Members in their dealing with the public and each other
  • To promote systematic training within all sectors of the Travel Industry falling within the scope of AZTA
  • To consider all legislation affecting or likely to affect the Travel Industry and to take such action as considered to be in the interests of its Members
  • To play an active role in the International community of travel agents and travel agent associations
  • To continually make the consumer aware of the brand AZTA and the value of using Member
  • To develop the Travel Industry as an attractive career opportunity
  • To promote transformation amongst our Members and in the Industry
  • To promote the benefits of travel to all sectors of the public, the Government and the business community

AZTA has grown to a membership of 73 throughout Zimbabwe and is registered with the following associations:

IATA - International Air Transport Authority

Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) represents all registered airlines throughout the world and liaises closely with the United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations (UFTAA). To be accredited by IATA, travel agents have to submit bank guarantees, have IATA trained staff, have secure offices and be easily accessible to the travelling public.

FESATA - Federation of Eastern & Southern African Travel Agents

This Association comprises 18 countries in the region, which come together at least twice per annum to discuss matters of common interest.

UFTAA - United Federation of Travel Agents' Association

Headquarters, Nice, France. UFTAA represents all registered travel agents throughout the world and liaise closely with IATA.

ZCT - Zimbabwe Council for Tourism

Headquarters, Harare, Zimbabwe. This Council comprises all the private sectors of the Tourism Industry of which AZTA is a member. ZCT liaise very closely with ZTA.

ZTA - Zimbabwe Tourist Authority

Headquarters, Harare Zimbabwe. This is the Government arm of Environment and liaises closely with ZCT

The AZTA's members are highly qualified to take care of all travel needs, and with all the above Associations the general public should feel confident that they are dealing with professional, efficient and financially stable organizations.

AZTA has a constitution with a Code of Conduct to ensure that integrity is not compromised and a high standard of service is delivered with consistency and commitment to the valued traveller.

All its members are fully paid up and registered with AZTA. The public has the right to be shown the current AZTA certificate, which should be on display. If this certificate is not, then the AZTA Secretariat should be contacted to ascertain whether the particular travel agent is a "Bon a Fide" member of AZTA before any business is undertaken. A service fee guide line is available from the AZTA Secretariat.

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